Horseshoe Griddle Scraper

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Use our heavy duty  griddle flat top scraper with a horseshoe handle to save time cleaning off your flat top grills.


  • Removes charred food residue and grease from flat tops / griddles.
  • Ergonomically designed construction for left or right hand use.
  • Constructed of heavy duty cast aluminum and comes with a sharp stainless steel blade for long-lasting service.
  • 33” handle allows for added reach to make cleaning the entire flat top quick, easy and safe.
  • Easy blade replacement using hand screws.


1. Be sure not to scrape or chisel the flat top griddle when using the scraper. The scraper should be used in a shaving motion to remove excess residue from griddle.

2. Do not lean or use excessive force when using the scraper. This could cause damage to the scraper, blade or the griddle surface.

3. It is not necessary to remove all the residue from the griddle with the initial cleaning pass. Remove excess residue, then add water to flat top to create steam and shave the remaining residue into the grease trough.