The Ultimate Grill Brush

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High-End Commercial Grade Grill Brush. MADE IN THE USA


Product Features:

• Crimped brass bristles
• Unique staggered brush pattern for optimal grill cleaning
• Stainless steel grill grate scraper for hard to reach areas
• Wood handle length: 1 1/8" x 14"
• Lacquered wood block

As with any tool, it is up to the user to ensure proper usage and safety. With proper use and storage, this brush will out perform any brush you have ever owned!

Use: Heat up grill. Use brush on hot grates moving with the grates. Ensure grates are clean of any debris. Grill food. When finished, allow grates to heat up for 5 minutes. Brush grates again. Ensure they are free of any debris and turn off grill.